Susan can tailor or create any program to fit your needs.

Worldwide Lore (grades K-6, families)

Myths, legends, folk and fairy tales from many oral traditions told with audience participation. Program can be tailored to fit specific issues or subjects. Children appreciate stories (and therefore, reading) in a whole new way.

Stop the Coffin! (tales for young adults)

Stories of adventure, friendship, facing responsibility, romance and spooky stories, too.

Vasalisa the Wise and Other Stories of the Heroic Feminine (ages 12-adult)

Empowering tales of heroines intended for at-risk girls or any girls’ group. Adult programs available for women’s retreats and organizations. Inspirational! Stories from many folk cultures as well as literature.

Tales from the Jewish Tradition

Funny, poignant, folk and fairy tales for families.  Audience participation encouraged!  King Solomon tales as well as “Roly Poly Mazta Ball” for the little ones. All  are lifted off the page with insight and skill.

Wise Women, Rabbis, Demons, Fools:  Jewish Stories and Music

Join Susan as she share stories from folklore, Midrash and Chasidic tales too.  Stories from the Yiddish speaking world,  Sephardic tales, and personal narratives are shared with passion and humor.  For ADULTS